During the board meeting, the board gave approval of the resilient athletic flooring change order and the high school kitchen change order.

An update on the construction of the seven school buildings was presented by a representative from JE Dunn, who reported things were going well and they had lost seven weather days.

The final budget for the upcoming school year was approved. Perll commented that the budget is fluid and the board can make changes if need to, but they had to send a final budget into DESE before the end of June.

The topic most discussed was pay to participate for athletes. Superintendent Kevin Freeman showed three options for pay to participate. A committee was appointed for recommendations. The committee recommended to charge each athlete a one-time fee of $25. Based on last year: 280 athletes at $25 would generate approximately $7,000.

Board members voiced their concerns on making athletes pay. Scott Hobbs asked who would be the administrators for the money. Freeman said it would be the high school activities office.

Kelli Teel was concerned about students who could not pay the money. She was also concerned about students not participating because of the fee.

Perll said he felt $25 was too low and he would like to look into other potential ways to save money. Corporate sponsorship for signs is one option. "I would like to hold off (on the pay to participate) for a year. I am torn myself," said Perll. Dustin Pascoe is concerned about finding sponsors. "We are not sponsoring teams, we are generating money," said Perll.

Hobbs made a motion to don't ask students to pay to participate in 2017-2018 and Pascoe seconded the motion and it passed 5-0. Two board members Heather DeMint and Brian Rowe were not present.

Perll then made a motion to have administration, athletic director, and coaches, look into sponsorship for major revenue for District 59. Pascoe second the motion and it passed 5-0.

In other business Freeman announced that for the first time in several years, the attendance rate had been at 95 percent daily. Perll congratulated Athletic Director Jeff Anderson on the excellent GPA of the athletes. This past year, the athletes had a 3.0 or higher GPA.