Prior to the Mexico School Board meeting Tuesday night, a reception was held for Superintendent Kevin Freeman. Freeman is retiring from the school district at the end of this month to take a position with Department of Elementary and Secondary Education as Director of Missouri School Improvement program. He has been superintendent here for five years and served as assistant superintendent her prior that.

After the reception and before the regular meeting, Dr. Peter Perll, president of the school board, presented Freeman with his retirement golden apple and congratulated him on his accomplishments and hard work while working for the Mexico School District.

"The whole board and community want to thank Mr. Freeman for his years of service and dedication to Mexico public schools, district staff and community as well," said Pell.

The board president also added his own personal comments. "My personal adventure with Mr. Freeman has been the entire time I have been on the board. We have been through a lot and he has been wonderful to work with," said Perll. He added that the district is sorry to seem him leave. "We understand he has newer and bigger things. Thank you for all your work."

An emotional Freeman thanked the board. "I have watched a lot of theses (golden apples) given away, not sure I would ever get one, just because I didn't picture it," said Freeman. "Thanks to all of you (indicating the administration and teachers at the meeting) because you made the work easier. And thank you (indicating board members) for being a great board. I appreciate it," he said.

The board members present gave their well wishes to Freeman and thanked him for all he has done for the district. Kelli Teel, the newest board member said she could tell everyone was going to miss him. Bev Borgeson wished Freeman well; Scott Hobbs told him it was a pleasure working with him; and Dustin Pascoe thanked him for his countless hours to the district.