Depending on who you ask, the definition of Coyote Pride might vary from one person to the next.

That's why we're taking the time to feature each of Paris' varsity football coaches, and after speaking with Joseph Utterback last week, now we're talking with Darren Beaver.


Chapter Two: Darren Beaver

The role current Paris varsity football assistant coach Darren Beaver has played with this staff during the past several seasons has been a rather open one that perhaps didn't always come with a clear definition of job duties or title. Now that's all changed as Beaver has gone from being a casual contributor to serving as a pillar of the program who puts the needs of the Coyotes ahead of his own.

"(This is my) third year with team and second as game night booth help, but first as an official member of the coaching staff," said Beaver. "I played four years at Fulton High School and two years at the University of Central Missouri. (I also) coached for five years at Fulton High School."

What started as a commitment-free relationship for Beaver at Paris has taken on a much more definite feel to it now. That's because he's presently the offensive and defensive line coach, as well as the defensive coordinator.

"I truly believe kids that compete in athletics form a sense of dedication and responsibility to themselves as well as their teammates, school, and community", Beaver said. "It builds a sense of accomplishment and work ethic, self esteem and confidence and develops social skills."

When it comes to Beaver's motivation to instruct and teach tomorrow's leaders today, what he looks for now from the experience isn't the least bit complicated. Instead, he likes to break the game down and immerse himself in its simplest and purest attributes.

"I coach to be a part of a unified team," said Beaver. "The competition, be a positive role model, relay knowledge for the game, to learn from others and to have fun."

According to, last year the Paris defense made 965 tackles, 63 of which were for a loss. The squad also racked up 17 sacks, 10 fumble recoveries and four interceptions.