The Mexico City Council had a short agenda and a short meeting Monday night.

There was only one resolution on the agenda which authorized the city manager to sign contract documents with J-Track LLC for the 2017 industrial rail spur maintenance project. The 2016-17 budget allows for 475,000 for the 2017 industrial rail spur maintenance. Three bids were received with J-Track LLC of Lisle Ill., submitting the lowest bid of $35,1975.50. Two other bids including Chester Bross Construction, Granite City, Ill., for $39,906; and Kelly Hill Company, Riverside, Mo., for 437,348.80.

Russell Runge, assistant city manager/economic development explained the rail expands to Cerro Copper which uses approximately 75 cars a week. Councilman Ron Loesch asked if the bid included the materials. Runge said it did cover it. Runge also said they do some maintenance each year.

Council passed the resolution.

Also, on the agenda was the appointment by the mayor for an opening on the Mexico Housing Authority Board. Thomas "Tad" Dobyns was appointed to a four-year term on the board.

During the comment section of the meeting, Councilman Loesch said he would like to thank the women of the Mexico Garden Club, who maintain the Triangle on Monroe Street and other areas in town. The club is giving up maintaining the Triangle. Councilman Steve Nichols added that if anyone would like to donate his/her time for the project, should contact the city clerk. The triangle is owned by the city. Mayor Chris Miller said he appreciated the work, the women of the club have done. "They will be missed," he added.

With no public comments, the meeting was adjourned.