By Brenda Fike

Ledger Managing Editor

At Monday night's City Council meeting, council members passed a resolution authorizing City Manager Bruce Slagle to enter into an agreement with the Mexico Area Chamber of Commerce to assist in marketing activities in the city of Mexico for the budget year 2017-18. The city will contribute $13,000 to the chamber for use in the cost of marketing activities listed in the agreement. "We have done this for many years and have a successful partnership," said Roger Haynes, deputy city manager, who was filling in for Slagle who was not present.

Council also passed a resolution to authorize Slagle to execute agreements with various organizations to receive tourism funding. The Mexico Tourism Commission recommended the city distribute $3,000 in funds to Presser Arts Center for advertising for the 2017 winter production; and $600 for advertising to the Living Windows in association with the Village Square.

Council also passed an ordinance for no parking signs to be place on East Monroe near SSM-St. Mary's Hospital-Audrain.

In another ordinance, there was a first reading for usage of Cauthorn Street as a two-way roadway. Cauthorn Street runs north-south between East Promenade and East Liberty Streets. The street is only 15 feet wide. Due to the narrow roadway and limited maneuverability, the Engineering Department recommends to change the street to one-way. The traffic would go northbound toward Promenade.

In other business Kensey Russell, city engineer/public works director presented a report asking the council to purchase a wheel loader. Russell said the existing wheel loader is five years old, has more than 1,800 working hours and is out of warranty. "Repairs on a major piece of equipment can be expensive," he stated. The 2017-18 budget allows $55,000 for the purchase of a wheel loader. Martin Equipment of Ashland, was the successful bidder for the state contract. the bid was $132,811.60 and with an $80,500 trade-in, the total net price would be $52,311.60. Russell said the city does have the opportunity to sell the existing loader directly while retaining the option for trade-in, between the order and delivery of the new loader. Council voted 4-0 to buy the loader. Council member Chris Williams was absent.

Russell also approached the council about replacing a sanitary sewer line. The city has a contract with Plan B Development for on call construction services. These services are regularly used to make point repairs in the sewer collection system. The city also maintains a contract with Insituform to perform cast in place pipe (CIPP) lining for a number of segments of sewer line. Russell told the council that one of the lines designated for CIPP, was found to be deteriorated to the point Insituform did not feel the CIP process would work. "There are cracks in the pipe and roots and a pipe offset," said Russell. A task order under the existing on call contract was obtained from Plan B to replace that line. The line is south of Bennington Street and lies in the backyards between Arcadia and Kent Street. The task order is for $39,975. The money will come from the wastewater budget line item for collection system repairs of $50,000. Council voted to allow Plan B to replace the line at $39,975.