Lisa Smith announces her candidacy for the office of County Clerk. Smith has served as deputy clerk since 2002 and chief deputy clerk since 2008.

“It would give me great pleasure to be elected as the next Audrain County Clerk. I have enjoyed working in the county clerk’s office for 15 ½ years. I love working with the residents of Audrain County and would like to continue after Shelley’s (Harvey) retirement. Shelley has taught and she is still teaching me so much about the office and the clerk’s duties. She has dedicated over 30 years to the county and I would continue to carry on the professionalism and dedication as she has. I will strive to make sure that elections are conducted smoothly and fairly. I will also work to keep up technology with as much as the county budget will allow. I was born and raised in this county and will do what I can to give back as much as it has given to me by doing my best for the citizens of Audrain County.”

Smith is a graduate of Mexico High School and a member of Genesis Church of Mexico where she and her husband, Rick, are involved as counselors to the partners of the church.

As well as being a partner of Genesis Church Smith is also a member of the Mexico Elk’s Lodge and a lunch buddy through Bright Future. She does a lot of volunteer work for different organizations especially the Mexico High School where her youngest child attends.

Smith, daughter of Steve and Georgia Tiller and Rick, son of Brenda C. Smith and the late Charles E. Smith, have been married for 25 years and have three children: Dallas, Payton and his fiancé Carina Patton, and Abbie, all of Mexico. The Smiths live in Mexico and are co-owners of Bug Out Pest Control and Lawn Care.

Audrain County Clerk Shelley Harvey had this to say about Smith.

"I am very pleased and excited that Lisa Smith has decided to run for the position of county clerk after my retirement. I have enjoyed my 35 plus years with the county and I couldn't be happier to give her my full support.

Lisa has been employed in the County Clerk's Office since 2002 and has served as Chief Deputy since 2008. She has been an exemplary employee and my right hand for the past 10 plus years. She has been preparing for this position and she is more than ready. Lisa has firsthand knowledge of the many different job duties within the office. She understands the diversity of duties in the county clerk's office; from elections to payroll and accounts payable to budget, she knows that with each day in the office you may wear many different hats and she is prepared to accept the challenge. She will be ready day one to step in and run the office in a professional manner. It is Lisa's experience that makes her the perfect choice to fill this position.

Lisa and her family as small business owners have a vested interest in the success of Audrain County and she understands the importance of county government and those who serve to insure that Success. It will be the citizens of Audrain County who will win with Lisa Smith as the next Audrain County Clerk."