During a work session prior to Monday night's regular City Council meeting, Chad Shoemaker, director of parks and recreation, gave a PowerPoint presentation on the city pool. Shoemaker said there are three options, renovate present pool, renovate to smaller pool with splash pad or build an unguarded beach with spray pad. He said renovating the present pool would not be cost effective in the long run. "The facility is aging and at some point we will need to repair or close it," Shoemaker said. He did not recommend an unguarded beach due to safety reasons. He also explained that a splash pad means play features that don't have a pool.

Items discussed by Shoemaker included: information from a recently survey sent out to residents. The survey includes users of the present pool and non-users.

Shoemaker also gave costs involved this year with the present pool: 2017 pool revenues (admission, concession, lessons, rentals), $32,500; 2017 pat-time manpower costs, -$56,444; and 2017 fixed costs (insurance, electric, water, chemicals), -$23,680 with a balance of -$47,824. "Aquatic facilities (pools) do not make money," Shoemaker said.

Shoemaker went over the three options and told the council the staff would do what they wanted. "We just need to know here you want us to go," he stated.

Mayor Chris Miller asked if Shoemaker had any estimates on the splash pad or downsizing the pool. Shoemaker said they needed to have a plan in place before they come up with numbers.

"Give us a number and we will come back and tell you want we can do," he said. He added the discussion was to give council time to think about on what to do next.

Mexico City Manager Bruce Slagle said they did not expect an immediate decision from the council. "We do not need a decision tonight, but it is import to have the discussion," he said.

In the regular meeting of the Mexico City Council Monday night, council members approved the purchase of a front wheel drive sedan for the Wastewater Division and a two-wheel drive pickup truck for the street division.

The present sedan is a 2003 Chevrolet with approximately 180,00 miles on it.

The budget allows $20,000 for the purchase of the car. Three bids were received with Pearl Motor Company of Mexico, receiving the bid at $21,323 which includes the trade-in. The city's purchase policy provides for a five percent preference allowance. Allowing for the local preference, Pearl Motor Company submitted the best bid.

The budget also allows $30,000 for the purchase of a four-ton, regular cab, two-wheel drive pickup truck. Three bids were received with Pearl Motor Company as the lowest bid at $24,487. The new pickup will replace a 1997 Ford F-450.

There were no resolutions or ordinances on Monday's agenda.