Audrain County Prosecuting Attorney Jacob Shellabarger announces that Daryl E. Richardson, 23, of Mexico, Mo., plead guilty to attempted murder, assault in the first degree resulting in serious physical injury and use of a firearm while intoxicated. Richardson was was sentenced to 15 years on the attempted murder and assault in the first degree charges, and four years on the use of a firearm while intoxicated charge, subject to the Missouri Department of Corrections 120-day Institutional Treatment Center program. Richardson was scheduled for jury trial on November 29 on five counts – the above three counts, as well as two counts of armed criminal action – but entered a plea of guilty that morning pursuant to a negotiated plea agreement dismissing two of the counts. Richardson had been in the custody of the Audrain County jail continuously since the January 1, 2017 shooting incident in Mexico.

Richardson’s convictions stem from a shooting at Howell Manor Court in Mexico on January 1, 2017, where Richardson, the victim, and other individuals were at a house party.

Richardson and the victim became involved in a verbal argument, and Richardson displayed his weapon to the victim. As the victim said he didn’t want to fight and turned to walk away, Richardson drew the weapon and fired once, striking the victim in the back. Richardson then walked closer to the victim and shot him a second time, then ran from the scene. Officers found Richardson within five minutes walking down a nearby street, still holding the 9mm handgun.

The victim was transported to University Hospital for two gunshot wounds to his body, and was treated and released. The victim no longer lives in the Mexico area and has made a recovery, although one of the bullets remains in his body as it shattered and was unable to be completely removed, according to Shellabarger.

“Richardson has taken responsibility for his actions in shooting this victim, and in doing so, faces a serious sentence with serious consequences. This conviction should make it clear that Audrain County does not tolerate reckless, stupid use of firearms: guns are dangerous, deadly weapons that must be respected, protected and used in a responsible manner all the time. Those that don’t respect those rules will face consequences for their actions," Shellabarger said.