After three years of hard work with no results, the Missouri Military Academy varsity boys basketball team finally reached a new plateau at home on Monday.

It might not seem like much, but the Colonels finally beat Owensville 64-56, a task greatly aided by the fact Gabriel Penha had a team-high 22 points, two rebounds and one steal.

"We started off strong, running our offense patiently and effectively through our wing and post players. Senior Nyamkhu Chingun did a great job of leading the offense from the point guard position setting up offense and running smart plays," said coach Kevin Bissmeyer. "Pepe DaRocha was outstanding on defense making things very difficult for opposing ball handlers while Penha, after a slow start in his first game, picked up where he left off last season by going 4-for-5 from beyond the arc."

On the other side of the ball DaRocha was just as effective with 13 points, six steals, five assists, three rebounds and a block and Omen Oberuvwu scored nine with six boards and an assist. Victor Leon and Nyamkhu Chingun also had five points each with a combined nine assists, eight blocks, four rebounds and a steal.

"We got much better from the last game to this game. The difference is huge," Bissmeyer said. "We have a very tough back to back with Owensville tonight and then Battle tomorrowbut we were able to rest some of our starters tonight so I think that will help us some tomorrow. This was a tough team win and we have a tough schedule. We need to keep improving each game and take things one day at a time."