Gene and Bev Meuschke of Mexico are keeping a close watch on the fire ravaging California. Their son Bret and family live in the Santa Clarita area. The family is safe and as of now are still in their home. But Bret Meuschke’s office had to be evacuated. He is director of operations  at Fusion Analytics Securities LLC in Rye County. On Tuesday he sent his parents a video from his office window of flames approximately 10 miles away. It was shortly after that when he told them they were being evacuated. "Tuesday was a very long day," said Bev Meuschke.

Roads, schools and businesses were still closed as of Thursday. Meuschke said her son went to pick up his children from school. "It usually takes 20 minutes to get home, but it took them three plus hours," she said. Meuschke said her son didn't say if their school was closed.

As for the Meuschke home, the winds died down and changed direction blowing away from the area. Meuschke said the fire is 15 percent contained.

If Bret Meuschke and family do have to evacuate they will go to the College of The Canyons where his wife, Daylene, is Dean, Institutional Research, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness at the college. The college is an evacuation center. As an employee of the college, she had to take classes on how to help with evacuations. So if people are sent to the college she will most likely be called out to assist with evacuation.

Bret Meuschke returned to his office of Wednesday, but mainly for cleanup. His mother said the offices were covered with soot and cinder and they began cleaning up the mess. The power which was shut off in the building is now back on.

The Meuschkes keep in constant touch with their son. "We text message constantly," said Bev Meuschke who added she was grateful for cell phones. She said she wouldn't know what they would do if they couldn't get a hold of their son and family. As long as the phone towers are working, they can keep in touch.