1st – Joseph Semerad of Monett
2nd – Austin Coons of Odessa
3rd – Jonathan Cochrum of Christian
4th – Colton Sewell of Chillicothe
5th – Dalton Thompson of St. Clair
6th – Sawyer Day of Cameron

1st – Joel Barrientos of Monett
2nd – Tucker MacWilliam of Oak Grove High School
3rd – Cristian Dixon of Benton
4th – Hunter Williams of Excelsior Springs
5th – Adam Hellebusch of St. Francis Borgia
6th – Isaiah Simmons of Eldon

1st – Jay Strausbaugh of Logan-Rogersville
2nd – Karter Brink of Monett
3rd – Dylan Patton of Mexico
4th – Luke Moffett of Bolivar
5th – Ty Lewis of St. James
6th – Gabriel Hummer of Savannah

1st  Jason Landing of St. Clair
2nd – Chance Sullivan of Pleasant Hill
3rd – Brock Carter of Logan Rogersville
4th – Kevin Doung of Mexico
5th Hunter Armstrong of Benton

1st – Gunnar Bradley of Monett
2nd – Mikey Crocker of St. James
3rd – Tucker Caswell of Fulton
4th – Grant Staffen of Ste. Genevieve
5th – Blake Schmidt of Southern Boone
6th – Dean Foster of Savannah

1st – Dylan Hellebusch of St. Francis Borgia
2nd – Dillon Nichols of Mexico
3rd – Lucas Campbell of Logan-Rogersville
4th – Chase Hampton of Bolivar
5th – Max Bake of Odessa
6th – Thomas Henderson of St. James

1st – Ryan Herman of St. Clair
2nd – Jared Humbolt of Ste. Genevieve
3rd – Austin Magnuson of Osage
4th – Clark Rogers of Winfield
5th – Blaine Schoenfeld of Owensville
6th – Trevor Hachtel of St. Charles West

1st – Daryin Sharp of Bolivar
2nd – Brandon Carbray of St Charles West
3rd – Charles Pumel of Booneville
4th – Daylyn Snelling of Center
5th – Evan Shetley of Sullivan
6th – Cooper Bombach of Owensville

1st – Kellen Ekern of Mexico
2nd – Trenton Dillon of Eldon
3rd Greg Rolwes of Priory
4th – Kyler Guthrie of Moberly
5th – Tanner Rector of Owensville

1st – Dawson Brandt of Eldon
2nd – Wyatt Goade of Cassville
3rd – Aaron Herman of St. Clair
4th – Colton Moore of Owensville
5th – Nick Wilson of St. James
6th – Colton Bristol of Fulton

1st – Ben Turnbough of Potosi
2nd – Kayde Burton of Chillicothe
3rd – Joel Martin of Oak Grove High School
4th – Vin Kriegshauser of Kirksville
5th – Jeff Featherston of Dexter
6th – Cole Petty of St. James

1st – Wade Hahn of Ste. Genevieve
2nd – Chance Richards of Moberly
3rd – Colton Gillespie of Kirksville
4th – Caleb Longobardi of Nevada
5th – Arondo Harris of Miller
6th – Colten Gibson of Dexter

1st – Tyler Curd of Oak Grove High School
2nd – Drake Ortiz of St. James
3rd – Gabriel Rumbaoa of Boonville
4th – Josh Richards of St. Clair
5th – Curtis Weston of Benton
6th – Wyatt Tuner – Mexico

1st – Terrese Aaron of Mexico
2nd – Joe Bryant of Cameron
3rd – Clayton Vaughn of Ste. Genevieve
4th – Tony Eighmy of Benton
5th – Treyvon Lemons of Kennett
6th – Camren Mcqueen of Owensville


According to missouriwrestling.com