Last week at the Clopton Tournament, the Wellsville-Middletown varsity girls basketball team turned 21 points from Allison Arens and a 16 point effort by Brooke Peckahm into a 67-38 victory over Wright City that allowed the squad to advance to ther finals.

That led to a face-to-face matchup last Friday with Louisiana that was highlighted by two points from Elizabeth Burdick, Lucy Schnitker scored nine and Peckham had 18 points, none of which was enought to keep this squad from falling 56-37.

"The girls came out very hesitant. Louisiana played a very close game last Wednesday," said coach Sabrina O'Heron. "They were ready for competition. I think that worked in their favor. We began by trying to get away with passes that we got away with in the Wright City game. We really started putting it together in the third quarter, but by then it was too late."

Against Louisiana Arens also posted eight points and in the Wright City game Schnitker added 10 points. Before both of those contests the Lady Tigers lost to Elsberry in round one of this event, as well.

"The girls worked hard (last) week. There was a lot of evidence of improvement," O'Heron said. " Wellsville-Middletown girls play with a lot of heart. Each game they gave 100 percent and it's starting to pay off. The girls and boys teams both earned the Sportsmanship award from the tournament. This is a major accomplishment in itself. The next two weeks are slow with games after having several busy weeks in a row. This'll give us a chance to work out a few kinks and come back even stronger."

The Wellsville-Middletown boys also played in the championship game of the Clopton Tournament last Friday and lost to Monroe City 71-39. Scoring 16 for the Tigers was Adam Maylee.

"They are deep and very talented," said coach Steve Lasman.

Both the Tigers and Lady Tigers host Mark Twain on Friday.