On Thursday, January 18, 2018, the Mexico Public Safety Department was made aware of two more attempted scams which were just slightly different variations of other scams which have been attempted through the years.

One citizen was called and the phone number appeared to be from a local financial institution. The caller stated that the citizen’s credit card had possibly been used without the citizen’s permission, and then wanted the citizen to tell the caller the credit card number. Citizens are reminded that current technology allows people to “spoof” phone numbers where they appear to come from somewhere else. Citizens are also reminded that if a business you have an account with calls you, they should not need your account numbers or social security numbers or any other personal information. If you are wondering who you are talking to, you caTn call the business back at a number you know, not the number provided by the caller.

Another citizen received an email from someone posing as an attorney. The email stated that someone had died and had millions of dollars in an account. The person’s surviving family members did not have bank accounts so they could not receive the money. The email was requesting to use the citizen’s bank account to deposit the money into and then the citizen would withdraw the money and give it to the surviving family members. The email offered to let the citizen keep some of the money. Citizens are reminded that no legitimate person from this or any other country needs to use the bank account of someone else for any reason.