By Brenda Fike

Ledger Managing Editor

At the Mexico City Council meeting Monday, Heidi Chick with Williams-Keeper LLC - presented the 2017 audit and financial report to the council. She touched on the highlights of the audit and state the audit had a clean opinion or unmodified, which she said is good news. "Overall it was a very clean audit," Chick said.

Under new business, council passed a resolution authorizing City Manager Bruce Slagle to enter into a contract with Insituform Technologies, LLC for the 2018 CIPP Project.

Kensey Russell, city engineer/public works director, told council members the 2017-2018 budget allows $280,000 for the Cured In Place Pipe project. The work includes pipe lining and manhole rehabilitation work, as well as work to continue cleaning and TV inspection of the large diameter pipes. "We have 23 manholes and 3,500 feet of pipe line (that need repair)" said Russell. Bids were received from three contractors with Insituform Technologies, LLC of Chesterfield, submitting the lowest bid price at $184,899.

The resolution passed 5-0. Council member Chris Williams was not present.

The second resolution passed was to authorize Slagle to execute an extension to the city's on-call maintenance services agreement with Plan B Development. Council members approved a contract for on-call maintenance services with Plan B on January 10, 2017. The original contract provided for a one-year renewal option. Both parties are satisfied with the terms of the existing agreement and would like the contract renewed for an additional year. Council members passed the resolution 5-0.

Under new business, Russell addressed the council about replacing a spillway pipe at Kiwanis Lake. When various dams in the park system were inspected Klingner & Associates, one of the city's on-call engineering firms, found a failure of the corrugated metal spillway pipe. The pipe crosses under Hendricks Street. "It is urgent to get it replaced," said Russell. It will be replaced with a concrete box culvert. The cost of the replacement is $48,297, which is under the engineering estimate of $55,000. Council voted 5-0 to to replace the spillway pipe.

Mexico Public Safety Chief Susan Rockett reported the need for the purchase of two patrol vehicles for Public Safety Department. The vehicles to be replaced both have high mileage and are unreliable, said Rockett. The city received three bids with Carthage Chrysler of Carthage, submitting the best bid at $50,566 less a trade-in of $9,400, plus an additional $854 for options bringing the total to $42,010. The vehicle will be a Dodge Charger. Council members voted 5-0 to purchase the new vehicles.

The final item on the agenda was site possibilities of a beach aquatic facility. The council had previously asked Chad Shoemaker, Parks and Recreation Department Director, to check out possible sites for a beach aquatic facility. Green Estate was one of the sites mentioned.

Iris Shoemaker, a member of a Mexico group, who would like to get more proactive and involved in the community, spoke on behalf of the group about their concerns of the beach aquatic center. She said the group would like the aquatic center to be centrally located with easy to walk to it. She said they also have concerns about a beach being placed in Green Estate. "We love to walk there and it is so peaceful and tranquil," Iris Shoemaker stated.

Chad Shoemaker said there is no proposal in place, the information he presented Monday night was an engineering estimate sites.

Plunkett Park was also mentioned but it was not feasible due to the lay of the land, so it was cut out of the plans.