The Missouri Military Academy's regular season varsity boys basketball schedule doesn't have many events left on it for 2017-18.

Regardless of quantity, the Fighting Colonels are well aware that, whether they like it or not, the final two games of this season are going to teach them some tough lessons. So, before those unpleaseant educational sessions begin, MMA gets one last chance to beat up on a lesser squad on Feb. 9 at 7:15 p.m. at South Callaway.

According to, the Bulldogs roster only runs nine-men deep and their current record is 5-12 overall. The team has also won two in-a-row after losing four-straight, which included a 67-64 defeat to the Fighting Colonels during the Belle Tournament on Jan. 17. Prior to that South Callaway had also fell to Hermann 62-41 and at New Bloomfield 59-58 followed by a 69-56 defeat to Belle on Jan. 18.

Against MMA, 7-6 overall, the Bulldogs played solid defense and only allowed them to make 25-of-61 field goals. This included 4-of-12 three pointers. In a three-point game every little thing has meaning, though, and Victor Leon, Pedro Da Rocha and Omena Oberuvwu charted three blocks each, which, in the end, meant a whole lot. Oberuvwu and Da Rocha each scored 12 and Leon gave a 10 point performance, which turned this trio into ground zero when it came to blowing up the Bulldogs hopes and dreams.

On Jan. 23 when the Colonels lost at home to Wellsville-Middletown 45-37, the squad got taken out of their element by virtue of the fact their collective shot was just off even though Gabriel Penha did manage to score 14 for the game. The problem was he went just 5-for-19, Oberuvwu was 4-for-15 and De Rocha finished at 2-for-8, and considering the misses came from both near and far, as well as early and late, most teams would have problems trying to sneak out a win playing like that.

One thing MMA did show against the Tigers was the ability to go big when it wanted to by claiming ther third 21-13. That trait might be more likely to place at home, though, considering this particular run was fueled by the chants and cheers of about four dozen cadets that joined the crowd in the second quarter.