Just like a successful, real-life sportsman, the Wellsville-Middletown varsity boys basketball team is methodical and patient enough to wait for just the right moment to strike no matter how long it takes.

Those tactics and techniques may come in handy because on Tuesday the Tigers have to travel to a non-conference game at Silex and nobody likes to lose so close to the start of the playoffs.

The formula Wellsville-Middletown will probably employ at the Owls will more than likely be fairly similar to the slow and controlling pace they used to win 64-42 at Community R-6 on Feb. 2. This included 23 points by Ben Burton, Adam Maylee and Clayton Ebers scored 11 each and Dennis Hunt gave a nine-point performance. Tyler Bunch also put up eight points and Nick Ebers chipped in with two points.

Silex's season has recently gone from bad to worse because, while some of its most recent games have been cancelled because of weather, prior to that the team hasn't claimed victory since winning at North County Christian 46-17 on Dec. 15. That mean the Owls have now lost at least 10 in-a-row. This includes falling at the Bowling Green tournament to Van-Far 60-20 on Jan. 23 and Bowling Green 45-36 on Jan. 25.