By Michael Selecky

Sports Editor

Attending the Missouri Military Academy is truly academic and athletic experience akin to no other learning institution in the area.

For the Fighting Colonel's varsity boys tennis team that means losing Alejandro Gastelum, Qitao Wang, Robert Shields, and Mauricio Trevino, their number two, three, four and five players from 2016-17, should be viewed as more of an opportunity. That's because no matter how you choose to perceive the situation, the philosophy is never going to be to complain or feel sorry for ones self, but it's always going to revolve around making the best of a bad situation and self responsibility.

The end result of a process like that is next man up fills the void and this year that includes returning juniors Griffin Henry and Christian Foster, who have earned themselves the number one and two spots this season, respectively. Longtime head coach Michael Pemberton also has some talent that's new to the varsity he's been working with such as freshmen Bruno Pozzani and Dongyang Chen who appear ready and able to occupy the third and fourth singles spots in 2017-18.

"All of our opponents will be tough to beat this year. Because of his experience from last year, I think Griffin Henry is going to stand out for our squad this season," said Pemberton. "Win or lose, we will give our best effort throughout the season. As the year progresses, we will continue to improve on the basics of tennis."


MMA Tennis Roster


Zhuoli Cai

Dongyang Chen 

Christian Foster

Griffin Henry

Sean Hughes

Cole Miracle

William Outlan

Bruno Pozzani

2018 MMA Tennis Schedule

3/19 Tennis @ Hickman 4:00 (CANCELED)

3/28 Tennis @ Helias 4:30

3/29 Tennis v Mexico 4:30

3/31 Tennis @ Jeff City JV 10:00 am

4/3 MMA v Fulton 4:30

4/6 Marshal Tennis Tournament

4/9 Tennis v Battle 4:30 (CANCELED)

4/12 Tennis @ Mexico 4:30

4/17 Helias Tennis Invite @ Helias

4/24 Tennis @ Tolton 4:00

4/27 Tennis v Moberly 4:30