Audrain County Area Public School Retirees met April 4, at Mexico United Methodist Church.  President Diana Henage welcomed everyone, introduced guests, and thanked social committee members Carolyn Sprowls, Barb Burson, Cary Travis, Joan Fecht and Nell Riechers.  Beth Lower gave an interesting and informative program on her trip to the Holy Land last summer.

          Burson led the Pledge to the Flag.  Fecht read “Molders of the Future” for the inspiration.

          Correspondence from Our Safe Place and Carolyn Crum was read.

          There have been two “Calls to Action” from MRTA Executive Director Jim Kreider who reports that MRTA response has thus far prevented the necessary votes for Charter School/Voucher expansion to reach the Senate floor for action.  Legislative Committee co-chair Kathy Quick keeps the group informed of “Calls to Action.”

          Margaret Thomas gave information regarding credit card protection, robo calls using local numbers, and how to report a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission.

          Maureen Hacker urged everyone to use the ACAPSR “Business Cards” to encourage other retirees to join MRTA and ACAPSR and challenged everyone to get one new member this year.  She read an article regarding pension plans by David Webber.  Membership forms and a token of appreciation for their service will be given to all Community R-6, Van-Far and Mexico Public Schools retirees in May.

          Sally Stuart reported that Our Safe Place was so grateful for the Christmas gifts.  April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Denim Day will be observed April 25, from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on the Audrain County Court House lawn.  Forty-nine ACAPSR members reported 16,603 Volunteer Hours, 880 items donated for Hunger Relief, and $19494 contributed to Hunger Relief for MRTA Community Service projects in 2017.

          Four members attended Legislative Day February 13.  Henage, Teague, and Hacker attended the MRTA President’s Summit March 13 -14.  On March 22, fourteen members cleaned the Audrain County Historical Society Country School followed by lunch and fellowship at Hummingbird Winery.

          Members were urged to continue saving Moser’s receipts and prescription bottles.

          Memorial Book chairperson, Beverly MacFarlane reported the book STEM Education for High-Ability Learners:  Designing and Implementing Programming, edited by Bronwyn MacFarlane, PhD, will be donated to the Mexico-Audrain County Library in memory of Elaine Cornett, Lois Motley, and Charlotte McDowell.

          Janice Douglas was nominated as the Unit Distinguished Retiree.  All requirements for the Unit of Excellence Award were met for the fifth year and the unit will receive a trophy at the Annual Membership meeting in September.

          Members voted to accept the proposed Constitution and By Laws changes.

          MRTF classroom grant applications are being delivered to Van-Far, Community R-6, and Mexico Public schools.

          Upcoming events announced were Mexico Area YMCA Senior Expo, April 5; SSM St. Mary’s-Audrain Hospital Auxiliary salad luncheon, April 5; and Branson Fun Days, October 17 & 18.

          The next meeting will be June 6, at Agape House in Vandalia.  Lunch will be at the Great Plains Kitchen.  Members will meet at Mexico Lanes Bowling Alley at9:30 a.m. to carpool.