Coyotes long term goals

After the dead period concludes on Aug. 5, the Paris varsity football team will start practicing Aug. 6-10 from 7-11 a.m. The squad will them power down to 7-9 a.m. on June 11 and rest on Sunday before powering back up to 7-11 a.m. for June 13-14. June 15-17 is time TBD, but all of this leads up to the Paris Jamboree Aug. 18.


An unexpected guest

The Mexico volleyball clinic June 12-14 is featuring Jarrett Jack, a member of the Jamaican National Team with an incredibly impressive resume who came to the United States to train and is running five-hour skills clinics.


Next home meet for the Marlins

The Mexico Marlins Swim Team's next home meet at the city pool behind the YMCA is June 16 at 8 a.m.


Paris Girls Shootout Schedule June 14

High School Elementary

8:00 a.m. Paris vs. South Shelby Van-Far vs. New Franklin

8:40 Milan vs. Mark Twain Paris JV vs. New Franklin JV

9:20 Paris vs. Highland South Shelby vs. North Callaway

10:00 Milan vs. Van-Far Mark Twain vs. New Franklin

10:40 North Callaway vs. Highland Scotland County JV vs. New Frnaklin JV

11:20 Paris vs. Moberly South Shelby vs. Scotland County

12:00 Macon JV vs. Moberly JV Milan vs. Paris

12:40 CR-6 vs. Highland Mark Twain vs. Van-Far

1:20 Macon vs. North Callaway Moberly vs. Scotland County

2:00 Milan vs. Macon JV Moberly JV vs. Scotland County JV

2:40 CR-6 vs. Canton Paris JV vs. Father Tolton JV

3:20 Silex vs. Moberly JV Macon vs. Scotland County

4:00 Silex vs. Canton Macon JV vs. Father Tolton JV

4:40 Canton vs. Moberly CR-6 JV vs. Father Tolton JV

5:20 Paris vs. Macon Paris JV vs. Silex JV