The Office of the Sheriff in Audrain County recently released a follow-up regarding the death of Antonio Jefferson in December 2017. Jefferson was found injured and unresponsive along Audrain County Road 913.

The release states that the office has “gathered all of the information that is known to us,” at this point and that information is still needed to fill in a time span of approximately 15 minutes “from the time we last know of Mr. Jefferson’s whereabouts until he is discovered along Audrain Road 913.”

According to the release, Jefferson appeared in Audrain County court on Dec. 12, 2017, at approximately 9:30 a.m. for a previous, unrelated law violation. Later that morning, he returned home and spoke with a family member. At approximately 11:27 a.m., Jefferson arrived at Walmart on South Clark Street. He was seen purchasing a knife at the store, the receipt for which was later found in his pocket. He returned to his vehicle at approximately 11:31 a.m. and traveled north on Clark Street.

Audrain County 911 received a report of a car on fire and a male lying in the roadway on Audrain Road 913 just after noon. A passerby’s statement disclosed that the car was off the roadway and had a small amount of fire in the engine compartment at the time that 911 was called. The witness saw Mr. Jefferson was on the roadway bleeding heavily, and “thrashing” about, indicating he was alive. The knife purchased from Walmart shortly beforehand was found near him in the roadway.

Lifesaving efforts were made by firefighters and EMS personnel at the scene but Jefferson was pronounced dead upon arriving at the hospital.

Results of an autopsy concluded that Jefferson died from blood loss “via wounds that were consistent with a sharp instrument.” A knife located at the scene tested positive for only Jefferson’s DNA. After investigation by the Missouri State Fire Marshal’s Office, no indication was found that the vehicle fire was set intentionally. Several other items of evidence are currently undergoing analysis, according to the release.

Investigators agreed on the possibility that Jefferson’s death could have been self-inflicted, according to the release. However, due to lack of supporting evidence, investigation into his death remains open.

The office requests that anyone with any information they feel may be useful contact the Audrain County Sheriff’s Office Investigations Unit at (573)473-5801.