Now that the Mexico girls basketball program has concluded its' stay, the Lady Bulldogs volleyball program has taken over the middle school gym facilities this week for a skills clinic Tues.-Thur. for athletes in grades 7-12.

The reason for this event may be several fold, but the motivations are all fairly simple. Specifically, every program wants to be a winner, and Mexico volleyball is no different. But, at the same time, athletics are supposed to help turn children into adults. Sports are, by design, meant to be a tool that, at least to some degree, guides kids through a difficult time in their lives. Head coach Shayla Cox wants the kids that play for her to be better off for having done so, but that can mean many different things.

"Since I came to Mexico my goals has been to build a program that's full of amazing young women that will be successful when they leave here," Cox said. "These camps teach them that fundaamentals are important because it's the little things in life that are important. We teach them teamwork because teamwork is important when you leave here. We teach them high energy and encouragement because encuragement is important when you leave here. Our overall theme is to help mold young women."

Because he shares those same values, Cox employed the skill set of David Jack to help her achieve all of those goals at this event. According to his profile, Jack's resume ceratinly makes him the right man for the job and includes directing/coordinating the David Jack Sixpak Summer Volleyball Camp from 1998-2014, he was an Assistant Coach at Indiana University in 2006-07 and in 2008-09 Jack was the Head Coach/Technical Director of the Jamaican Men's/Women's Volleyball Program.

"Todays is the second day of volleyball camp here at the middle school. We have David Jack in. We previously lived in Indiana but now lives in Buffalo, NY," said Cox. "He played for the Jamaican National Team and has quite a bit of experience coaching volleyball. He came in to do a camp for us to help improve the players in this area."

This event came together based on the fact Cox's new assistant coach Mendie Tutt, who teaches at Hawthorne Elementary School and is from Texas by way of New York, had worked with Jack previously. Because of her recomendation and positive experience previously with Jack at different clinics, Cox and Mexico Athletic Director Jeff Anderson decided to contact Jack and arrange this camp.

"On Tuesday we focused on passing. Passing and serving were our two main points of emphasis during camp yesterday, so we did a lot of breakdown. We really focused on the fundamentals, but we did a progression, so we started really small and progressed to a full defensive positioning," Cox said. "They did a really good job from going from the slightest of fundamentals, which, again, is something we focus on as a program, and building up into the overall picture of what pasing looks like."

For Wednesday the study matter for the evening was hitting and this camp will conclude on June 14.