Now a days when people talk about Tyronn Lue the things they have to say vary from incredibly nice to wildly innapropriate depending on what side of the debate your on, and locally that conversation can take a much spicier tone because even those who claim to know the man are only half being honest.

One thing that is true is that the University of Nebraska loved having him there and definitely sing his praises in the 1999-2000 Cornhusker's Official Media and Recruiting Guide we've got in the office. While it's true at this point Lue was gone and Cookie Belcher was towards the end of his time in Lincoln, by page 15 they're already mentioning the him in a section titled, Huskers in the Professionals, Making a Mark in the NBA. Specifically, what they said about him was:

"Tyronn Lue came off the bench in key situations for the Los Angeles Lakers last year and averaged more than five points a contest. Lue was originaly drafted 23rd in the 1998 draft by the Denver Nuggets, but was immedialtely traded to the Los Angeles Lakers."

Having earned All Big-12 honors in his time at Nebraska, when Lue left he ranked seventh among all-time leading scorers at the school. In order to do that the area product had to score over 500 points a year for each of the three seasons he was with the Cornhuskers, but during that time frame Lue was doing plenty more than just dropping buckets.

"One of the newest members of the 1,000-point club, Lue eclipsed the mark early in his junior season. He finished his career with 1,577 points before turning pro a year early. In addition to ranking seventh in scoring Lue ranks in the top-10 in 12 other Husker career categories, including assists (3rd, 432), three-pointers (4th, 145), games started (5th, 96), and steals (6th, 154). Lue started 96 of 99 games in his Husker career and led NU to three postseason appearances, including an NCAA appearance in 1998."

Among his highlights at Nebraska, Lue also scored 30 points seven times during the course of his college career from 1996-'98. This includes a 36-point performance against Virginia on Dec. 27, 1997 in a 80-65 win, on Nov. 19, 1997 Lue put up 34 points against Western Illinois to lead his team to an 86-57 decision and on Feb. 21, 1998, and he had a 31-point performance against Colorado during a 79-71 victory.

As for the most dramatic college game Lue ever played in, that was on Nov. 26, 1995, when both he and Jason Boone had 30-points for Nebraska, which needed overtime to just barely edge out Oregon 114-106 at the Big Island Invitational, meaning the game was at the start of Lue's freshman year.

Now Lebron James just signed with the Lakers and it's anybody's guess how Ty Lue will be remebered from the time these two were together. But, unlike Stan Van Gundy in Detroit, one thing is for sure, Lue didn't pull double duty as the General Manager. Tristan Thompson's lack of energy and enthusiasm is something Lue had to deal with. Not something he overpaid to secure.

Kevin Love might have been a beast in college, but his apathetic pro career isn't something Lue heped negotiate. Kyrie Irving also seems to have been lost in the wake that is the powerboat otherwise known as all things Lebron, and while Uncle Drew might be a hilarious movie, first of all, don't get your hopes up. Second, I'll bet you don't see Ty Lue in that movie once.

Probably because he was at work trying to figure out ways to keep King James happy, and that's a task only Mrs. James seems to ever get right.