Members of the Weller-Rohlfing Circle of King’s Daughters and Sons met on July 5 at the King’s Daughters Home. Circle members honored the ladies’ July birthdays and ate the evening meal with the residents.

Answering roll call were Benne, Shirley Brauer, Nan Cox, Houf, Jan Moore, Quinlan, Virginia Robertson and Marjorie DeVault.

This circle has no responsibilities for the September City Union meeting. However, everyone is encouraged to attend. At that meeting, someone from the prison will present information about the quilting program there, and there is to be a drawing for the winner of the quilt the prison donated.

There was a brief discussion about the New Horizons program to be presented in Mexico on October 6. Everyone is encouraged to attend this special presentation by representatives of the International organization. Registration fee is uncertain at this time. The deadline is August 15. This will be a fundraiser for the Circle.

Two Home residents died recently. Therefore, there are currently 40 residents of the Home. Darus Love finished his “walk” on June 27, then added a special short trip. Norma Stack presented unsung Hero awards from the IOKDS convention to Marlis Love and Joyce Riney at the recent City Union meeting. A similar award will be presented to Darus Love sometime in the future.

Houf conducted a brief installation service, welcoming Marjorie DeVault into Weller-Rohfling Circle membership, and presented her with a silver Maltese cross. New officers are to be elected next month.

The next meeting will be held at Bek’s in Fulton on Thursday, Aug. 2. Anyone wanting to carpool to the meeting is asked to meet at the First Presbyterian Church parking lot at 5:30 p.m. that evening.