The Mexico City Council will hold its first meeting of the month at 7 p.m. tonight.

There are two items of new business on the meeting’s agenda. The first new item to be discussed will be bill No. 2018–45, an ordinance to establish a procedure to disclose potential conflicts of interest and substantial interests for certain municipal officials.

The ordinance states that the “Mayor or any member of the City Council, who has a substantial personal or private interest … in a bill shall disclose on the records of the City Council the nature of his interest and shall disqualify himself from voting on any matters relating to this interest.”

The ordinance would establish a procedure for disclosure reports to be filed by each elected official by May disclosing any transactions they engaged in during the previous calendar year “with a total value in excess of five hundred dollars.” The reports would also include disclosure of the parties involved in transactions of more than $500 that “any business entity in which such person had a substantial interest, had with the political subdivision … or transactions involving payment for providing utility service to the political subdivision.”

The ordinance would also require the city manager and chief purchasing officer to disclose names and addresses of employers from whom they received $1,000 or more during the previous calendar year, as well as details about “the general nature of the business conducted of each general partnership and joint venture in which he was a partner or participant.”

The second new item on the agenda, bill No. 2018–46, is a resolution that would authorize the city manager, Bruce Slagle, to sign Change Order No. 3 with Flowmaster Construction, LLC for the 2018 Concrete Construction Program.

The council approved the award of the 2018 Concrete Construction Program to Flowmaster Construction, LLC, at the March 12 city council meeting. Change Order No. 3 will add approximately 575 feet of curb and gutter along the south side of Lakeview Road, beginning near the Morris Street intersection and moving east. It would amend the total construction time, adding 25 additional calendar days to the contract time, as well as adjusting the “estimated quantities of the work” that was presented in the original bid.

The meeting will be held on the third floor of City Hall at 300 N. Coal St. and is open to the public.