Mexico City Council members discussed two items of new business during Monday’s meeting, both of which received motions for final passage. The first new item discussed was bill No. 2018–45, an ordinance to establish a procedure to disclose potential conflicts of interest and substantial interests for certain municipal officials.

The ordinance states that the “Mayor or any member of the City Council, who has a substantial personal or private interest … in a bill shall disclose on the records of the City Council the nature of his interest and shall disqualify himself from voting on any matters relating to this interest.” City Manager Bruce Slagle informed council members that they will need to file the disclosure by May of each year and that they will be able to do so online. They were also informed that failure to file the disclosure could in penalties, including a fine of $10 per day and potential removal from office.

Mayor Chris Miller was not present for the meeting.

The ordinance would establish a procedure for disclosure reports to be filed by each elected official by May disclosing any transactions they engaged in during the previous calendar year “with a total value in excess of five hundred dollars.”

The second new item discussed was bill No. 2018–46, a resolution that would authorize the city manager to sign Change Order No. 3 with Flowmaster Construction, LLC for the 2018 Concrete Construction Program. The resolution needed council approval because it totaled an amount greater than $10,000.

The council approved the award of the 2018 Concrete Construction Program to Flowmaster Construction, LLC, at the March 12 city council meeting. Change Order No. 3 will add approximately 575 feet of curb and gutter along the south side of Lakeview Road, beginning near the Morris Street intersection and moving east. It would amend the total construction time, adding 25 additional calendar days to the contract time, as well as adjusting the “estimated quantities of the work” that was presented in the original bid. These additions were made possible because of extra funds left over from existing work.

The next council meeting, a budget work session, will tentatively take place at 4 p.m. July 30.