On the afternoon of June 27, Vandalia Police Officers responded to South School Park for a report of property damage with a vehicle driving through a locked and chained gate, causing damage to the gate. The suspect vehicle blocked a victim’s vehicle in, which is considered kidnapping (previously RSMo felonious restraint), while they robbed the individual and fired a round at his vehicle, according to Vandalia Police Chief Christopher Hammann. The victim’s vehicle then struck a fence to escape the scene.

The suspect’s vehicle was occupied by Dominic Bennett, 19; Brennan Harvey, 18; and Brent Borders-Fugate, 17,. Bennett was the individual who fired the shot, according to Vandalia police.

Officers spoke to witnesses when they arrived on scene, who stated they heard a gunshot being fired before two vehicles exited the park area at a high rate of speed. A vehicle and suspect information was developed and an investigation into the incident continued. With the assistance of the Audrain County Sheriff’s Office, the victim’s vehicle was located and found to have a bullet hole in it at the time it was located.

In this instance, because the victim’s vehicle was blocked in by another vehicle before the shooting without an opportunity to leave, it can result in charges of kidnapping.

Vandalia Officers, assisted by Audrain County deputies, executed a search warrant in the 300 block of S. Taylor St. and the firearm used in the incident was believed to be recovered. At that time, officers took Steven Houchins, Brennan Harvey, Dominic Bennett and Brent Borders-Fugate into custody and transported them to the Vandalia Police Department for processing. Those individuals were then transferred to the Audrain County Jail on the following charges:

Steven Houchins, 24, of Vandalia, for hindering prosecution.

Brennan Harvey, 18, of Vandalia, for hindering prosecution

Brent Borders-Fugate, 17, of Vandalia, for 1st degree Robbery and second-degree kidnapping. Bond was set at $25,000. He was transported to Audrain County jail.

Dominic Bennett, 19, of Vandalia, for armed criminal action, 1st degree robbery, unlawful use of a weapon, and 2nd degree kidnapping. Bond was set at $50,000.