Mexico softball coach Keith Louder has been a big fan of what the Mexico football program has been doing in regards to Midnight Football ever since head coach Steve Haag took over five years ago.

The result of that was the Lady Bulldogs taking the diamond this year prior to the football team for an intrasquad scrimmage of their own on the same night, and because of the proximity of the two facilities the walk from one event to the next couldn't have been much simpler.

"After a weeks worth of opractice we wanted to get out and see where we stood. You also learn some stuff when you put kids in front of people, like how they respond," said Louder. "We liked what we saw. We saw some good pitching. We saw some good hitting. It's a tough situation when you play against yourself. Who do you root for. Do you root for the defense or the offense? We saw some people have some good at-bats and defensively we liked there."

Overall, the format was fairly loose. Louder did try players at several different positions in an effort to establish exactly where his depth lies. He also made sure to end things with plenty of time before the next event began.

"At pitcher, Paytience Lawson-Holman has good velocity and numerous pitches she can throw for strikes. Between the velocity, changing speeds and ball movement, put those three thing together ane that's what makes a quality pitcher," Louder said. "She is that and I thought she did really well. On the flip side of that I felt like because she is such a quality pitcher it was good to see some of our hitters have quality at-bats against her."