Even though all his players really like him and the parents had nothing but good things to say about him, it must be true what they say about all good things coming to an end because Mexico varsity boys soccer coach Chris Hawkins stepped down from that position some time after last season ended.

So, there they were, ranked 277th in the state and 5,879th in the nation according to maxpreps.com and without a leader, until William Gleeson came along several months later and that's when things began to come together for the Bulldogs.

"Toward the end of the school year I learned that the position was open," said Gleeson. "I love soccer and am committed to making the program succeed."

Just because he applied for the position doesn't mean Gleeson became the immediate solution to what was an obvious issue. But, just as the World Cup began hitting its stride in the worlds eye, the game took on a whole new meaning for the coach, as well.

"I found out in the middle of June that I had the position by the high school athletic director Jeff Anderson," Gleeson said. "We are focusing on teamwork and communication this season."

In regards to style, Gleeson hopes to create controlled passing from one player to the next as opposed to long passes that are subject to being intercepted. He also wants a controlled tempo that isn't rushed but is based on constant movement forward instead of taking two steps forward and then taking a step back.

"We will continue to work on slowing things down and really working the ball across the whole field before taking shots," said Gleeson. "We will do well at pushing the ball forward toward the goal and taking shots."

On a personal level it wasn't that long ago Gleeson was going to school not that far away. Now that he teaches math at Mexico Middle School it also means he's known some of these players for quite some time.

"I went to St. Thomas high school in Hannibal. I played Soccer and Basketball, graduating in 1995," Gleeson said. "I went a year of college at Conception College where I played soccer and basketball. I then transfered to Avila University where I didn't play any sports graduating in 2000."