The Mexico City Council unanimously voted to maintain the previous fiscal year’s property tax rate for 2019 at its regular meeting Monday evening.

The passage of the tax levy for fiscal year 2019 means Mexico residents will continue paying about 72 cents for every $100 of assessed value of their personal property. Besides real estate, the city classifies boats, vehicles and some machinery as property.

Of each 72 cents, about 43 will go into the city’s general revenue fund, 10 will go into the parks and recreation fund and 19 will go to the public health fund.

Even though the rate dropped by nearly 2 cents from 2017 to 2018, the city experienced a slight increase in tax revenue, mostly due to the higher amount of taxable property held by businesses. City estimates predict that taxation of personal property in 2019 will result in about $1.1 million in revenue.

No residents spoke on the issue during the legally mandated public hearing held on the issue.

Over the previous 10 fiscal years, the 72-cent rate is tied for fourth in the lowest amount levied on Mexico residents.

Council notes

The council voted to amend city fencing ordinances to include a provision stating that all fences built in the future must have some sort of gate. The provision is intended to give city maintenance employees easier access to manhole covers on private property. Resident Gary Clay spoke to the council about the possibility of lowering the speed limit or increasing enforcement along Elmwood Drive on the west side of town. Clay resides on the street and said that drivers regularly exceed the 40 mile-per-hour speed limit. Clay said his son’s truck was recently hit by an intoxicated speeder while backing out of the driveway. Members of the council said they would look into complying with Clay’s requests.