The Mexico varsity cross country team has some big meets ahead of it, including the Camdenton Invitational on Sept. 29, but nothing else this season will quite compare to the Forest Park Invitational the squad competed in last Saturday.

What made this event so massive were the several thousand runners in attendance in St. Louis from schools such as Grain Valley, Fatima, Shawnee Mission West, Parkway South, Benton, Battle, St. Vincent, Freeburg, Ft. Zumwalt North, St. Louis Priory, Parkway North, Pembroke Hill, Whitfield, Troy-Buchanan, Liberty (Wentzville), Willard, Marshfield, Marquette Catholic and more.

"Mexico was about 13th for the boys and girls varsity. We have scored better in the recent past, but we have had the unique advantage of bringing some number one runners who could win the race, as well (that really lowers your score and makes the team more competitive)," said head coach John Wilbers. "Times were off too, based on the extreme mud conditions. So we really focused on grit, race strategy, practicing the kind of racing technique that will help us be competitive back here in the conference."

Winning the boys race was Grain Valley junior Royce Fisher with a time of 18:27.6 while Benton's Amelia McLain claimed the girl's race in 21:08.6. As for the JV competition, the boys race was won by Holt's Aaron Eller, who clocked in at 19:12.0.

"I felt they really all ran very hard, and they also had a good time overcoming the mud and rain. Two shoes were pulled off by the mud while racing, Tyler Quinlan finished with one shoe on and one muddy sock," Wilbers said. "Gage Worley had a strong come-back race and Tom Calcluce put in a good performance competing against some of the best runners in the field."

Mexico Varsity boys

42 Worley, Gage SR Mexico 20:20.7  

55 Calauce, Tom SR Mexico 20:42.8  

72 Yager, Raef SO Mexico 21:12.8 

75 Dukes, Baylee JR Mexico 21:21.1  

79 Wilson, Ethan JR Mexico 21:23.6  

120 Dobyns, Tucker SR 2573 Mexico 23:01.0


Varsity girls

39 McKeown, Rosanna JR Mexico 24:30.2

45 Sidique, Moenaisa SO Mexico 24:50.6

50 Fairchild, Anna SO SR Mexico 24:59.5

91 Fairchild, Helena SR Mexico 26:27.4

106 Holman, Qierra JR JR Mexico 27.24.0

116 Jackson, Kierra JR SO Mexico 28.43.0

124 Calaluce, Jackie SR Mexico 29:12.8



1 Eller, Aaron SO Holt 19:12.0

79 Fox, Jeren JR Mexico 23:03.2

85 Kibble, Gavin FR Mexico 23:22.1

95 Penn, Geoffry SO Mexico 23:41.2

113 Fendrick, Jaylen FR Mexico 24:01.3

157 Ramirez Rodriguez, Emanuel FR Mexico 25:08.2

199 Vittone, Dominick JR Mexico 26:42.3

263 Knight, Maverick JR Mexico 30:54.7


JV girls

91 Gleeson, Miriam SO Mexico 27:26.5

102 Nichols, Angel SO Mexico27:45.4

170 Chastain, Haleyn FR Mexico 29:14.1

295 Runge, Amelia SO Mexico 34:06

348 runners