Vacancies on a number of city boards were filled Monday night, after the Mexico City Council approved a list of names provided by Mexico City Manager Bruce Slagle.

The either currently vacant or soon to be vacant seats are on the Mexico Park Board, Mexico Airport Advisory Board and the Mexico Tourism Commission. There are two unexpired terms available on the park board, Slagle said.

“Sue Priest has expressed interest in serving,” Slagle said, recommending she fill the position expiring June 2021.

Council members unanimously approved the appointment.

Jeff Frazier and Mark Stuart’s positions on the airport advisory board end this month.

“Both have expressed interest in reappointment,” Slagle said. “We also have two vacancies on the board. One is a nonresident and one is a resident.”

Steve Hagan contacted the city with his interest in one of the board positions. He previously served on the board, but has not done so since November 2017, so he is eligible for the nonresident unexpired term, Slagle said. Stuart already served two terms on the board, so he is not able for reappointment to a full term but can be appointed to the other unexpired term.

The council approved reappointing Frazier to a full term ending October 2021, Stuart to a term expiring in 2019 and Hagan to the nonresident term position expiring in 2020.

Dana Keller, whose first term on the tourism commission ended in September, has voiced interest in reappointment for a second term, Slagle said. Janine Vogel has served two terms on the commission and is therefore not eligible for reappointment at this time. No one has put forth a name to fill this vacancy on the commission. Keller was approved to serve through September 2021.

In other business:

During council member comments, Vicki Briggs said there were reports of severe weather for Tuesday and recommended residents take care and be safe. Council Member Steve Nichols attended the Spartan groundbreaking. He said he really enjoyed it. Nichols also participated in Friday’s homecoming parade. Dr. Ayanna Shivers said Missouri Military Academy will sponsor the Personal Impact Program on Oct. 24. She also voiced concerns about traffic signage downtown, due to people driving the wrong way on one-way streets, such as Jefferson Street. Mexico City Manager Bruce Slagle said council members should have access to the budget books, and the city budget is available for viewing on the city’s website. Mayor Chris Miller asked those present to attend the SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital 100th anniversary celebration Saturday.