On Tuesday Mexico's Grace Wortmann and head coach Kim Costley returned to Helias for the individual varsity girls tennis sectionals.

This decides who moves pon to the state meet and who doesn't, but for Wortmann her path took some very unconventional twists and turns.

"We started at 4:30 pm and finished four hours later after one 3-set match and two rain delays. The first rain delay happened in the first set at 2-2. Grace stayed competitive and came from behind to win in a tie-breaker," said Costley. "The second set went south and lost 1-6. Before the third set, Grace took her time and zoned in. She lost the first game. After switching sides she came out with a purpose and played outstanding tennis and was strong, smart, and aggressive."

Once Wortmann broke out to a 4-2 lead, yet another rain delay was called. While this one was short in time, it was just long enough to put a damper on the momentum.

"After the match was tied at 4-4, but Grace still pulled it out in exciting fashion winning 6-4," Costley said. "We will continue to work and prepare her for the state tournament at Cooper Sports Complex in Springfield, MO, October 19-20."