The world of Logan Jaeger’s family was rocked Oct. 6. He was involved in a fatal motorcycle crash. His mom, Lucy Walker, and aunt, Missy Koppitz, gave their thoughts on the person they called son and nephew.

“Logan was very ambitious. He was fun loving, always smiling, always trying to do something to make someone else smile,” said Walker, with Koppitz adding he always wanted people around him to be happy.

Jaeger, 19, was the type of person who easily made friends, sometimes without other people realizing, Walker said, adding his death likely has affected all of his friends.

“He was friends with everybody. Even if they didn’t think so, he thought so. Logan ... he was friends with everyone,” she said. “We went to the crash site (Monday) night and while we were there, two groups of cars and kids were there … trying to figure out how this all could have happened.”

For Walker, it was an unbelievable circumstance and it was difficult to accept.

“It was so emotional because of all the things people were saying (about him). … I feel like me and Logan were in a great place,” she said.

Jaeger was working as a certified nursing assistant at Pin Oaks Living Center along with his mother, a nurse at the facility.

“We were to the point where we were good friends, but I was still his mom,” Walker said.

The family has faced other deaths recently, including Walker’s brother and mother, and for Walker, the fact Jaeger now is with them gives her family comfort.

“We know Logan is up there in good hands,” she said.

The residents of Pin Oaks loved Jaeger, Walker said.

“They said he was the kindest, most accommodating to their needs. They would constantly tell me, ‘You’ve got a good boy. You’ve got a great kid. He’s so good at what he is doing,’” she said.

Jaeger loved laughter, Walker said. He would always try to make his family and co-workers laugh.

“Logan was the most incredible child,” Koppitz said. “The cousins are always close. He would have everybody laughing. … He brought us 19 years of joy.”

The family, in recent days, has shared a lot of wonderful memories, she said.

Jaeger almost always had a smile on his face, as well, Walker said. When going through photos of Jaeger from when he was younger, they were hard pressed to find one without him smiling.

“He’s always smiling, you know. Always having fun,” Koppitz said.

A visitation was held Wednesday from 6 to 8 p.m. at Arnold Funeral Home at 425 S. Jefferson St. in Mexico. According to Jaeger’s obituary, he loved motorcycles, his friends and family.