The Mexico School District No. 59 Board of Education continues its process to update district policies and regulations.

The board will address two policies during its meeting 7 p.m. tomorrow at the district’s central office at 2101 Lakeview Road.

The first policy pertains to the district’s tax and borrowing authority. This will be the its second reading before final approval, which will update the definition of what is considered a public place when considering whether to post a tax rate hearing notice.

The district already has to post the notice in at least three places, but with the update, it also will have to ensure it is posted in a place regularly open for public use and easily accessible for viewing by the public.

The policy updates language for bond indebtedness as well. According to the update, the board may be able to sell bonds through the adoption of a resolution. The sale of bonds must be implemented according to laws and compliance procedures of federal law and district policies.

Several other policy updates also will receive a second reading Tuesday, such as staff terminations, instructional interventions that can relate to individualized education plans, and updates to the special education policies, among others.

Many students are now taking coursework through virtual classrooms, such as for advanced placement or dual-credit courses. The first reading of the policy also adds that students can receive credit for off-campus instruction as long as it meets district and Department of Elementary and Secondary Education requirements. The district will be able to offer virtual instruction through the Missouri Course Access Program, rather than the Missouri Virtual Instruction Program, which was removed from the policy.

In other business:

The board was still waiting on the fiscal audit report, as of Thursday. The board cannot approve the report until November, so even if it receives the report in time for its meeting tomorrow, it could not vote on it until November. If it receives the report in time for the November meeting, a decision on it will be made in December.