Now that wintery weather is settling in, the Mexico Public School District No. 59 has released information pertaining to inclement weather and potential school cancellation.

According to a release, the top priority of the district is student, staff and family safety.

“When it comes to inclement weather, the transportation department and administrative team work closely to make the best decision for the health and well-being of all involved,” said Marci Minor, district public relations officer.

The district uses a system of guidelines when making cancellation decision, the release stated. The district actively investigates and monitors precipitation, temperature, wind chill, road conditions and more, according to the release. The district also communicates with neighboring districts as it researches information from the National Weather Service and other sources. Administrators also will drive roadways to assess conditions.

Sometimes, the district may make a different decision than neighboring districts. According to the release, the factors that go into a cancellation decision are:

The number of rural miles buses need to travel; The number of students who walk to school; Coordination with the bus maintenance supervisor; Drivers’ experience in certain road and weather conditions; Coordination of district food service, which provides the only warm meal or meals of the day for some students.

“We also consider the ripple effect a ‘snow day’ has on the entire community,” Minor said. “Whatever decision is made, and we realize any decision will have those who disagree, it is determined based on the best information available and in the best interest of our students and staff.”

According to the release, the district encourages families to create a plan in the event of a cancellation or early dismissal.

“We understand these changes to our routine are disruptive and challenging for our families,” said Minor.

For information on inclement weather closures or cancellations, district patrons will receive:

A phone call and an email from the district. Both the call and the email will contain the same information so if the call is missed the call, it is encouraged to check one’s email rather than returning a call to the school; A push notification from the Mexico 59 School District mobile application. For those without the app, it can be downloaded through the Apple App store or the Google Play store by searching for “Mexico 59 School District” An update to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram social media pages; Notifications on local media: KXEO/KWWR, The Mexico Ledger, ABC17/KMIZ, KOMU8-TV, KRCG13-TV, KJAB, KMCR, KRES, KPLA, and

“Our district appreciates your support and flexibility as we make our way through another Missouri winter,” Minor said.