The Mexico Public School District will shed light on the ongoing elementary school reconfiguration process tonight at the Mexico Board of Education meeting.

The district will provide the board a report discussions about what processes the district will have to undertake to make McMillan a pre-kindergarten and kindergarten grade center, while Hawthorne and Eugene Field Elementary schools would become first- through fifth-grade neighborhood schools.

Committees were formed and 11 meetings have been held to gain feedback from district faculty and staff since the district was given the go-ahead in December to start making an implementation plan.

The district needs to analyze student transfers, because some students who went to McMillian in first through fifth grades will attend Hawthorne or Eugene Field at the start of the 2019-20 school year. Some minor building modifications could also be necessary. This includes moving classroom material and furniture, McMillan bathroom renovations, inventory of supplies and equipment, and furniture needs, among other changes.

Discussions also regard meal services, health services, student registration, special education, teacher placement, technology, student transfers and transportation. The district is looking at school boundary lines, bus routes and whether the district does double routes or staggered starts. The district also will have to analyze staffing and where faculty and staff are placed.

The district is expected to present its implementation plan at its March meeting.

Public communication

A comprehensive communication plan will be presented in draft form at tonight’s meeting. District public relations officer Marci Minor will explain the three goals the district will seek to fulfill.

The district communicates with teachers, community leaders, Mexico Area Chamber of Commerce, civic organizations, the media, tax payers, parents and guardians, among others.

The district hopes a communication program will help achieve strategic goals, build stronger relationships with stakeholders, provide direction for methods and messages supporting district goals and a way for the district to present itself accurately to its audience.

This is done through various communications outlets including the district website, social media, internal communications, calendars, applications, mass phone calls, email, interpersonal and media outlets.