GateHouse Missouri partnered with Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute Fellow Nico Gendron and area schools to create local news stories to help them learn about community journalism. This is the first piece published in the series. Community R-6 High School senior Maddee Gastler created a photo narrative about a day in the life on a farming family. Thank you to every student and school staff member who participated in the project.

When most people think of farming, they think of it as a laid back job. While at times it can be very laid back, it is also one of the hardest jobs both physically and mentally. There are no days off when it comes to farming, and on this family farm, they know that all too well.

Gastler Brothers Farming was started when Bill Gastler and his brother, Norman Gastler, joined together to live out their passion for agriculture in the year 1955. Eventually they both started to have children who also developed a love for the agricultural industry.

Bill Gastler’s son, Jim Gastler, along with his two brothers, Phil and Sam Gastler, and his cousin, Steve Gastler, are all now partners in the ownership of Gastler Brothers Farming.

Days begin early in the morning and end very late at night. The long nights drag into the next morning sometimes, but these farmers would not change that at all.

Their passion for their land and animals compares to nothing in this world.

Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute Fellow Nico Gendron was the producer and initial editor of this series.