The Mexico School District officially set a timeline for the reconfiguration of its elementary schools.

The plan is on track to achieve its goals of classroom size equity and an increase to available sections of early elementary education Superintendent Zach Templeton said. The timeline created by the district is available on the district website.

Teachers are being notified on their building placements and will receive official letters regarding their placement within the next week. Some teachers who were at McMillan are moving to Hawthorne or Eugene Field, Templeton said.

The next step in the process is to go through student lists. "We're going to go through (the lists) one more time because we do have some students (who) ... have an educational need to keep them where they're at," he said, adding students with already planned transfers likely will be grandfathered in.

The parent letters will be sent out within the next two weeks, Templeton said. The possibility of going to staggered start times for the schools was discussed at the February board meeting. This change would affect all schools within the district as the elementary schools would start at 7:45 a.m., as an example, and then the middle and high schools would start roughly 30 minutes later. This change also would affect bus routes and how children are transported.

"We couldn't make that work out efficiently," Templeton said. "We didn't have enough time to work through it, in my opinion, so it might be something we bring back at a later date, but at this point for next year, it's not going to be — the high school's not going to have that later start."

This means the district will have to figure out ways to increase efficiencies in capital and personnel costs in relation to busing.

Teacher relocations are getting ready to gear up. The district already is collecting boxes and a crew will be hired to assist in the classroom moves, Templeton said. Relocation work will occur over the summer. "We're trending along pretty well," Templeton said.

Board member Kellie Teel inquired if the district will be accepting any new student transfer requests. Current requests will be honored, but the district won't accept new transfers moving forward, Templeton said.

He said the number of classrooms between buildings at certain grade levels are fairly evenly matched, and then the number of students within certain grade levels has fairly equal distribution between buildings.

"Classes deviate and vary a little bit, but it's working out pretty closely as well as we could hope in terms of school enrollments," Templeton said.

The classes fall within desirable and a minimum classroom size standards with 18 to 22 students between all classrooms and grade levels.

"Within grade levels, they should be balanced, so you should be able to say I've got four (classrooms) of 20," Templeton said. "They are pretty consistent across schools."