Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher asserted that “Life is Flux”, which is why he is attributed with the quote, “The only thing that is constant is change.” Nowhere is this statement more evident than at Mexico School District No. 59. Students at all levels are preparing to move to a new environment in the upcoming school year. Mexico High School seniors are making plans for their futures, whether that includes finding employment immediately or enrolling in training or education for a job in the future. Eighth grade students are preparing for the transition to high school where for the first time they will earn credits to advance towards a successful completion of schooling. Fifth grade students are getting ready for the transition to middle school where suddenly there will be opportunities to meet new friends in the same grade level as all district students come together for the first time.

Additionally, a population of elementary students are being prepared to attend a different school next year as the district adopted new boundaries for Eugene Field and Hawthorne while designating McMillan as an early learning center for all preschool and kindergarten students. In August, we will welcome upwards of 350 new students into either the early childhood program or kindergarten; many of which will be experiencing school for the first time.

Change also reaches into staffing as the district is continually hiring new teachers, administrators, and support personnel when employees retire or move on to other experiences. Even the Board of Education transitions when in April the community will elect school board members, at least one of which will be new to the Board. Throughout the last seven years while I have been employed in the district, only one Board member has been seated for that duration. As the April 2 election nears, our district would like to thank exiting school board member Scott Hobbs for his service over the last three years. He is a pragmatic member who governed with the best interest of Mexico Public Schools in mind.

Depending upon your outlook or your individual circumstances, change can be a burden that creates new demands or causes anxiety of the unknown. On the other hand, change can be an opportunity to make progress and to gain new experiences. Regardless of your position, change is going to happen, and the only thing that we control in life is how we respond to what is happening around us. It is an exciting time to be a Bulldog and, I for one, am looking forward to the possibilities. There is still much work to be done, but the district has wonderful, hardworking staff who are making every effort to succeed for the benefit of the students and families of this fine community.

As the district returns from Spring Break, our efforts turn to the fast approaching, end-of- school-year activities. Plans have been made to offer the annual summer school program which historically serves more than 1100 students for an additional twenty days of learning and the opportunity to do some exploratory learning in the process. District teachers are using these remaining weeks to offer a last push towards covering the learning standards that will be tested on state assessments. Please take an opportunity to encourage a student to do their very best, and share with a teacher how much you appreciate their efforts on behalf of this community and its children.