The General Municipal Election is tomorrow, and the ballot has a full slate of races and questions for Audrain County voters.

In Mexico, there are two key races — Mexico City Council and Mexico Board of Education. Chris Williams, the incumbent, and Joshua Price are seeking the one open seat on the council. There are two open seats on the school board and this race is highly contested with eight candidates: Heather DeMint, incumbent, Andy Craig, Karsten Femrite, Nicole Nelson, James Oxford, Hailey Schutte, Nick Tietsort and Jeremy Wright.

Mexico voters also will decide on a half-cent sales tax question relating to capital improvements for city streets and other maintenance issues. This is a renewal question, rather than a new tax. If Mexico voters approve the tax, it only will extend an already existing sales tax.

Other school districts with contested races are Van-Far R-1, Community R-VI, North Callaway R-1 and Boone County R-VI.

Voters in the Van-Far district will have to vote among Bryan A. Evans, Dana Leigh Keller and Stacia LaNae Wilson for two open seats on the school board. Two open seats are being sought by Wayne Glasgow, Rhonda Curtis and Daniel Schafer in Community R-6. There are two open seats for North Callaway and Katy Willis, David Isaacks and Dustin Moore are seeking those seats. Four are seeking the two open seats on the Boone County board: Brian P. Bostick, Greg Martin, Gail D. Marriott and Nathan Chitwood.

Voters in the Community R-6 district will vote on a debt service levy question so the district can borrow $1.85 million to implement safety and security measures along with maintenance needs at the schools. The levy is estimated to remain unchanged at 55 cents per $100 of assessed valuation of real and personal property.

Kendall Scott is seeking a two-year term as mayor of Farber, while James E. Day Jr. is seeking a seat as Alderman for two years. There is a second alderman seat available in Farber, but there were not enough candidates to fill the position. A write-in campaign could fill the second position.

Teresa H. Wenzel is seeking a two-year term as ward one alderman in Vandalia. Vandalia’s second ward alderman race is empty unless filled by a write-in vote. The third ward alderman race is contested with Linda S. Wilson and Debbie Hopke seeking the seat.

Josh Deimeke is seeking the mayoral position in Laddonia for a two-year term. Laddonia also has a contested race for alderman where Glenn Jensen, Monte Hanson and Kevin Charlton are seeking the two open seats. Voters in Laddonia also will decide whether to forego an election if the number of qualified candidates equals the number of open positions.

The Saling Special Road district is seeking to levy a continuing additional tax of 35 cents per $100 assessed valuation for four more years. Races with no candidates, but with the option for a write-in candidate are a trustee position for the Village of Rush Hill, and a board of directors position on the Audrain Ambulance Sub-District 3.