On the morning of March 31, church service was held. In the afternoon, ice cream treats were served to all.

On the morning of April 1, the Vietnam War history group met. In the afternoon, Betty Gower sponsored a bingo game.

A “hi/low” card game was the highlight of the morning of April 2. In the afternoon, kindergartners from Community R-6 enjoyed Easter egg hunting. Directly after the egg hunt, ice cream floats were served.

Last Wednesday morning, art class was held as well as another Easter egg hunt. This time kindergartners from Hawthorne and St. Brendan’s elementary school participated. In the afternoon, Pastor Iman held bible study in the chapel. Later in the afternoon, American Legion Post #26 sponsored a bingo game.

A bingo game was played Thursday morning sponsored in part by Martinsburg American Legion #552. Directly after bingo, a group of veterans and volunteers enjoyed a pool game and socializing. In the afternoon, the last Easter egg hunt was held with McMillan and Eugene Field Elementary kindergartners participating. A group of veterans also went shopping to Walmart.

Friday morning, a chair yoga class with Lisa was held in the dining room. In the afternoon, Catholic mass was performed. After mass, there was a popcorn social in the dining room. Special care veterans also enjoyed outdoor time.

Saturday morning, a game of manipulation was played. In the afternoon, Danny Roberts performed music. Special care veteran enjoyed outdoor time as well as a movie with snacks

There will an Alzheimer’s Support Meeting at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 17 at the Missouri Veterans’ Home. The public is invited to attend. For more information, contact Rita Davidson, social services at (573) 581-1088, ext. 1273.

For additional information, regarding healthcare needs at the facility, you can contact, Patrick Stevenson, DON at (573) 581-1088 ext. 1283. For information on volunteering, you can contact Kathy Winkelman, Supervisor of Volunteer Service at (573) 581-1088, ext. 1286.