Often times, when looked at as a whole, the entirety of a season can sometimes be a war of attrition in which there will be times a squad knows it won't be performing with peak precision and instead just has to do the best it can with what it has.

It's those times, when things aren't quite right, but the team has no choice but to move forward, that a coach finds out if he or she can find a way to right the ship and keep things moving in the right direction or does frustration take over and the next thing you know the rest of the season is a lost cause. That's exactly where Mexico varsity girls soccer coach Haley Schafer found herself last Thursday in North Central Missouri action in the rematch at Fulton, and to her credit she chose the former.

What followed might not have been as aesthetically or eclectically pleasing as some of the Lady Bulldogs other endeavors, but when it was all said and done the team beat the Lady Hornets 1-0 on a goal by Lacy Schoneboom and shutout goaltending by Payton Bledsoe.

"Amelia Runge provided consistent offensive and defensive support throughout the contest," said Schafer. "We pulled out a win in the game over Fulton. However, this was not our best quality soccer. We struggled with our passing and initially winning the ball. This put us behind in a constant state of defense. We had several good opportunities at goal they we were unable to finish."

The Lady Bulldogs were scheduled to next play three games in two days as part of a tourney, but based on the weather forecast whether or not that actually took place is hard to say. Considering Mexico lost 8-0 to Battle in the game prior to this Schafer certainly wanted to play at least once to get the taste of that contest off of her teams pallet and allow them to move onto this tournament with a clean slate.

"We will spend the weekend at Moberly for the Moberly tournament facing three strong teams," Schafer said. " am confident these girls will push through a large number of games and find a way to play our tempo and quality of soccer."

On Monday the Lady Bulldogs host Marshall for a NCMC game.