The competition at the Eastern Missouri Conference varsity boys golf tournament at Norwood Golf Course Monday was as wide as it was varied and featured an eight-team lineup, not all of which had enough players to chart a team score.

Even though most teams were sporting a five-man playing field and then used the four lowest scores, Elsberry still could only round up three players for this event, quickly turning this from an eight into a seven team race. That didn't change the great disparity this field insisted on displaying based on Louisiana's team score of 522 while Van-Far was able to win the event with a much more refined mark of 361. The only other squad below 400 was Silex with 397 while Wright City was seventh at 472.

Grabbing the third spot at 420 was Montgomery County, Bowling Green and Clopton both clocked a 432 and North Callaway was left sporting a 429.

The class of this crop really wasn't all that close to the rest as Bowling Green's Brayden Buffington medaled with a 37-34-71, Van-Far's Rylee Hanson was the only one close to that pace by shooting a 37-36-73 and Elsberry's Tanner Marre and Van-Far's Jayson Orr tied for third with an 86.

Van-Far also got a 49-47-96 from Zane Allen, Ashton Garnett came in at 56-51-107 and carding a 57-49-106 was Ethan Winders.

The Wildcats were much closer to the middle of the pack based on scores like Jackson Larkin's 47-46-93, Logan Hutcheson's 53-50-103, Keenan James 50-52-102, Michael Price 66-56-122 and Eric Saak 69-64-133.

The Thunderbird's best golfer may have been its youngest as Jackson Larkin guided this crew through its darkest hour by coming in at 45-53-98. Deyton Dowden was hoping to be right there with him, but instead what he shot was a 49-56-105, Den Bondurant was right there with him at 54-53-107 and rounding out this effort were Logan Hampton 56-63-119 and Justus Love 61-64-125.

Districts will take place on April 29. In order to prepare for that Montgomery County played at Silex on Tuesday and North Callaway was in action at the Harrisburg Invite today.