Because the Mexico varsity girls soccer team, 7-14-2 overall, was seeded second in Class 2, District 8, last Saturday at Southern Boone it had the good fortune of not starting the postseason against the host and top-seeded Lady Eagles, 22-3 overall, and instead was facing Wright City, 6-8 overall.

One factor working against the Lady Bulldogs was that they ended the regular season with a non-league loss last Thursday at Winfield. But, after a grueling North Central Missouri Conference schedule that was sure to have been more challenging than the one the Lady Wildcats endured competing in the Eastern Missouri Conference, Mexico had every right to feel confident it could advance to the district title game today at 6:00 p.m.

This contest was a back-and-forth affair that began with the Lady Bulldogs taking an early lead that later became 2-0, only to eventually find Wright City putting things in a deadlock after the break. While Mexico did take the lead once again, the Lady Wildcats simply repeated the process by tying things back up, which led eventually led to penalty kicks. And then, when that didn't settle the situation the officials called for more penalty kicks, which ultimately allowed Wright City to get the win, 4-3.

"We lead the game early with a goal by Lacy Schoneboom assisted by Rosanna McKeown followed by a goal by Rachel Kristofferson," said coach Haley Schafer. "In the second half a miscommunication play turned into a goal by Wright City followed by an additional goal to tie the game. We scored again late in the second half with a goal from Kyleigh Wayman assisted by Rosanna McKeown, which was quickly followed by an additional Wright City goal. In the second round of penalty kicks we lost."

The other first round game in this district was nothing like this one as Southern Boone mercied fourth-seed Fulton, 3-16 overall, 9-0 last Saturday.