During its initial two games competing in Class 2, District 13, the Clopton varsity baseball team, 6-7 overall, scored 19 runs, but on Tuesday its opponent, Paris, wasn't worried about how many runs the opposition scored last week.

Instead the Coyotes, 7-5 overall, were focused on how many runs they could hold them to that evening and it turned out to be just barely enough because while they were scoring an even dozen the opposition was putting up just one less than that, allowing second-seed Paris to come out on top of this one 12-11. In round one the third-seeded Hawks eliminated sixth-seeded Mark Twain, 1-17 overall.

Number-four Van-Far, 3-10 overall, was also ousted from the bracket last Friday by number-five Louisiana, 5-12 overall, which lost on Tuesday to top-seed Silex, 9-4 overall, 12-0. The Owls and Coyotes will go head-to-head for the district title today at 6:00 p.m.