Class 3, District 6, opened Monday with three very distinctive varsity baseball games that varied from fourth-seeded Bowling Green, 9-4 overall, firmly dismissing fifth seed Elsberry, 5-11 overall, 7-1 to third-seed Duchesne, 9-17 overall, aggressively beating sixth-seeded Lutheran North, 3-17 overall, 8-2.

The most definitive match-up of this trio was when the second-seed Montgomery County, 13-8 overall, took the main stage against North Technical, 1-9 overall, and even though this seventh-seed had the best of intentions, that's about all it had. Try as they might the Golden Eagles were never able to get on the scoreboard. The Wildcats, at the same time, were scoring with reckless abandon, which anyone could see was a recipe for disaster.

Eventually it just proved to be to much and Montgomery County, in turn, was able to clock the most ruthless of all these victories with a mercy, 10-0. The Wildcats next took the field Tuesday against Duchesne and Bowling Green played top-seed Hermann, 13-8 overall. The title game is today for whichever of these two teams is still alive at 4:30 p.m. at Lutheran North.