So, the Lakers balked on Tyronne Lue, only to hire former Pacers head coach Frank Vogel to fill that same position under all the caveats the man from Mexico, Missouri refused.

This includes a three-year contract length and accepting former longtime All-Star point guard and one-time Nets and Bucks coach Jason Kidd as a part of the coaching staff. I think that begs the question, what's a Frank Vogel? It could be he's the set-up to a payoff we've all seen before that started in Cleveland with David Blatt.

Blatt was the playbook prodigy the Cav's brought over from Europe, then sent back just as quickly once he'd served his purpose. Certainly, had he been able to coach that squad to title-town, owner Dan Gilbert and staff would've followed. But, when he couldn't the organization allowed the media to put him in a proverbial Ziploc bag, Shake-And-Bake him into public enemy number one and that was the controlled burn needed to unleash the assistant coach Cleveland forced Blatt to hire, Ty Lue.

Whatever was going on in L.A. was a production, not a hiring process, with a cast that also included

former Fab Five member Juwan Howard, who Lakers General Manager Rob Pelinka played with in college at the University of Michigan. During year two of the Fab Five's time in Ann Arbor I sold T-Shirts at the Crisler Center, so I know how powerful it was just to be in the same building with those guys. Imagine your favorite band in concert. That's what it was like. The atmosphere was electric.

Because of that I always wondered what it was like to actually be around those individuals. Pelinka knows. He knows what it's like to roll with those rock stars all too well. So, when Howard, a guy with no NBA head coaching experience, applied for the job, I could see how he got his foot in the door. But how could the Lakers actually consider someone with his resume'? Or lack there of, and that's because he wasn't applying for a job. He was auditioning for a role.

Considering the Cavaliers just hired Wolverines head coach John Beilien to a five-year deal to become their next head coach, perhaps Howard will find his way home to the Wolverines. Lue's future appears a bit more wide open.

New Orlean's is turning a corner under the direction of new General Manager David Griffin as they try to convince Anthony Davis to rescind his trade demand. Whether or not this spells the end for head coach Alvin Gentry remains to be seen. Either way, just like Santa Clause, Zion is coming to town.

Houston and Oklahoma have been chasing waterfalls, as well, and if they went to make that next move they'll need to make some kind of change. The problem is, both of those clubs have engines so loud few other players can stand to even hear them, let alone play with them.

Wherever coach Lue ends up, he never wanted to play a role. Let the Lake Show try to be the good cop/bad cop remake of Ty's Cav's. They're proving their tale is much more likely to end up being a warped version of, The Other Guys, with Will Ferrell and Marky Mark. So, when the first guy falters and the second guy gets called up, remind him about putting the hundred dollar bills in the ceiling of the visiting locker room when things get are tight. It worked for Ty. Might just work for the next guy.