Former Montgomery County varsity baseball coach Don Moultrie did an excellent job in his time atop the program.

Not only did the Wildcats send numerous athletes on to play at various levels of college athletics, but the program also had a wealth of both regular and postseason success that included earning a true reputation for not only winning in the Eastern Missouri Conference, but doing so the right way.

It was unfortunate that health problems forced him to step aside, but he's still a strong-minded individual who served as an assistant varsity boys basketball coach last season for the Wildcats, so Moultrie's plate may not have the same meal on it that it use to, but his plate is as full as it's ever been.

Montgomery County is also enjoying success in its first campaign sans his leadership under the direction of former assistant coach Vince Wolk and he's actually taking the program to new heights to the point the team played Hermann, 14-9 overall, for the district Class 3, District 6, title Wednesday.

Because the Bearcats play in the Four Rivers Conference they see a level of competition that's good, but the Wildcats, 15-8 overall, are simply used to better based on the action they see in the Eastern Missouri Conference and it showed as Montgomery County was able to come out on top 3-1.

While it was good to see the second-seeded Wildcats look so definitive their top-seeded opponent, prior to this they had defeated third-seed Duchesne, 10-18 overall, 5-4, on Tuesday and on Monday the squad dominated number-seven North Technical, 1-9 overall, 10-0.

Montgomery County next takes the diamond in Class 3 sectionals on Monday against Whitfield, 9-6 overall.