First Team

Jimmy Layton Sr. Madison

Ben Burton Sr. Wellsville-Middletown

Ethan Burton Sr. Wellsville-Middletown

Gavin Bishop Jr. New Franklin

Isaac Ussery Sr. Wellsville-Middletown

Tyler Wandrey Sr. Madison

Zac Held Jr. New Franklin

Evan Hartsock Sr. Community R-VI

Levi Rafferty Sr. Community R-VI

Clayton Ebers So. Wellsville-Middletown

Crayton Gallatin Jr. New Franklin

Colten Collyott So. New Franklin

Koy Harris Sr. New Franklin

Tyler Buck Jr. Madison

Cameron Huff Sr. Wellsville-Middletown


Honorable Mention

Drew Sanders Fr. Glasgow

Joe O’Bannon So. Madison

Tysen Dowell So. New Franklin

Eric Hombs Sr. Community R-VI

Tim Hunn Jr. Community R-VI

Seth Kirby Jr. Higbee

Landon Hathaway Jr. Madison



"Making the All-District team is a great achievement. These kids should be very proud of themselves and their work. While these four young men got recognized by this award, it leaves out the kids that helped make this a great season," said Community R-6 head coach Joel Krato. "There are other things that statistics cannot measure. I don't believe in participation trophies, but I do think making people feel appreciated when they work hard is necessary.

Too often we wait until it's to late to let people know we appreciate them. I appreciate players like Hunter Houghton, Nathan Gastler, Grant Stafford, and Klayton Bosworth who came in every day as seniors and bought in to the culture we were building this first year which helped everyone else buy in. I had players like Caden Escamilla who had limited baseball experience and worked hard, coming in early and staying late and earned a starting position.

Braedon Swaim, who as a junior, was somebody that the underclassman looked up too. I got to coach players such as Justin Duenke who played whatever position I put him at and never complained. Landon Wright and Ethan Fort, who are tremendous people. Who are the kind of people that every team needs because they always put the team first. We had tough players like Wade Hester, who always came to practice with a great attitude.

This program had freshman Case Stafford and Kaden Brooks, who bought in quickly to what this culture is and will help lead the incoming freshman next year. I've got 12 other kids that worked their butts off everyday."