Mexico varsity boys golf coach Dwight Loyd has a taller order to deal with in that role than most people realize.

With no assistance what-so-ever he has to coach up about two dozen individual golfers. That means he's responsible for the entire boys varsity and JV when Mexico takes the course and if it was possible they'd field a third squad, as well, considering the number of available athletes.

One things Loyd has mentioned is that these numbers keep him from giving each individual as much one-on-one time as he'd like in regards to coaching and instruction. Something he didn't say, but is simply the facts of the situation, is that anyone in charge of that many teenage boys is going to have his hands full keeping them safe and secure regardless of the particulars.

Mexico Boys Tennis Coach Brad Smith, on the other hand, has an assistant coach, Tony Senor, does not field a JV squad and rarely has more than eight athletes that he has to manage because that's how many it takes to field a full doubles lineup.

On the golf course the Bulldogs finished fifth at the six-team North Central Missouri Conference meet and then placed last at their 10-team district.

"Our strengths (include this is a) great group of guys who enjoyed the game and wanted to learn. This made it easier to manage a much bigger group of golfers this year," Loyd said. "Areas to improve: consistency. We had players that could shoot high 80s or mid 90s, but we struggled doing that day in and day out. If we had more consistency from 1-5 on varsity we would have been more competitive throughout the season."

Among the talent Loyd and the Bulldogs will lose to graduation will include No. 1 golfer Mason Carver and No. 3 golfer Chris Dubbert. Fortunately the Bulldogs are returning a key nucleus from 2018-19 that includes Gage Gilmore, Grant Qualls and David Koons, so Loyd will have plenty to work with next season when it comes time to start filling out a lineup card.

"During the off-season we need more guys to continue to golf and golf on their own time to help improve their overall game," said Loyd.

Some of the other upperclassmen who hit the links for the Bulldogs this season include Dyllan Epperson, Dylan Terrell and Quin Leverett. Even if those individuals won't be back, Taylen Love will, as will Jackson Unger, Geoff Penn, Mason Lower and Adam Love.

"Yes, we came out everyday and gave it our all and improved from day to day. No, we didn't get the overall consistency as a team that we would have liked to see." Loyd said. "We had different guys show up at every match this year, which is good but it would have been nice to have the whole varsity squad be consistent every match we played.